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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  April 2, 2010 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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record for driving while blind. >> good friday, good jobs. nancy pelosi taking a bow for last month's 162,000 job pickup saying it is, quote, evidence that u.s. businesses are gaining confidence. is she saying gang confidence in government in after passing the blame for bad numbers, claiming ownership for a good one. here's what is not good, nearly a third of those jobs were temporary senses workers, continuing a familiar trend since stimulus was passed and whose benefits the president was ex stolen. 119,000 more federal government jobs since stimulus, 3 million fewer prior sector ones. you're not hearing that today. governor huckabee has a feeling
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most americans know them full well. governor, what do you make of this? >> it's interesting when they tout how many jobs there are when man are government and many are temporary. it's a little bit disingenuous on the part of leadership in congress to boast about the fact more people are working for the government because there are fewer private sector jobs because of the policies and regulations and tax policy, scaring it is daylights out of the people who create long term jobs, people who run small businesses. >> still it's better to be in a position like we are, restfully restfully -- quibbling over the size of the gains and losses. a third of the gains are in the public sector but enough of them in the private sector we're off to the races. do you buy that? >> well i think it's again, it's not accurate to say the economy is roaring back because we got
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people taking census data. if you want to talk about the census, only 52% of the people have turned in their census forms by yesterday. a lot of people haven't gotten the forms. to be fair, if the republicans were looking at these numbers and in charge, they'd be touting this as a great, great moment. that's political spin. both sides do t i don't blame the democrats. i would do the same thing but i think objectively one has to step back and say we still have 9.7% unemployment in this country. that's really not reflective of the greater reality. a lot of underemployed people and many people just quit looking for a job because they've been without work a year and a half to two years. >> neil: as you and i discussed before, their view is the trend is their friend. we're going to see more of this. it's buoyed by economists saying
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the same thing, we're going to started seeing a steady pickup. a little enough to make up for the 7 or 8 million jobs lost but a start and that's going to reverberate in november and americans will say look, we're seeing a pickup. >> but it's like when the democrats say we finally stopped seeing this bleeding of the jobs. that's because we're out of blood. there is a point it doesn't work. like the guy to jumps off the 100 story building and said to be overheard at the 44th 44th floor, so far so good. it's going to hit bottom sooner or later. we're looking at a time where there's just so many jobs we can lose. you have to pick up the trash and have police, school teachers, there are some jobs you have to have. nurses and doctors and people to open the stores, but we're opening the stores every day with fewer people walking the halls and aisles than we're doing it two years ago.
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that's what is not good and that's the bigger story to talk about. >> neil: i'm wondering, they're going to use this as momentum building for justifying more spending, saying this is what is stimulus brought us and cash for clunkers and rebates for homeowners and potential homeowners brought us and essentially bigger government brought us and more of the same. what say you? >> they also were the ones to told us if we spent 787 billion stimulus dollars we'd never see that unemployment rate get anywhere above 8%. it's soared about that and stayed above that because government cannot spend into prosperity. it spends in obscurity. the debt situation i think is the greatest single threat america faces today. >> neil: i don't know. governor. you and i maybe draw a fine line, only a fine line. republicans -- you said that as well.
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have gotten ahead of themselves and counting their chickens before they're hatched assuming the snath snapshot of the memo moment stays. we have continued jobs gains and the market doing well it's like the wind at our back. all the republicans, assuming a huge turnover in november, might be surprised. what do you think? >> i'll be surprised if there's not a huge turnover in congress. i've never seen the electorate this angry and i don't think it's like the pot on the stove, you can turn the fire off but there's still going to be heat on there for a while. and eastbound if the fire's turned off, the residual heat from the anger of the voters, not just from what congress has done. what makes people as angry is the manner in which they did it. it's process, as much as policy. when you have bad policy and combined it with an inyou're face process it's a double
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whammy and i don't think they'll recover by november. >> thank you very much. looking forward to your show tomorrow night. >> mike huckabee in his home state. >> the president in north carolina today, is his new healthcare law about to cut it off at the pass? three more companies reporting it's going to cost. verizon says close to a bill bucks. democratic congressman steve cohen is not too concerned. good to have you back. >> good to be back with you. beautiful spring day in memphis. >> neil: do you think this beautiful spring number is about to be a reality check saying we can't pay? >> i don't think so. john deere and boeing and at&t had a sweetheart deal for seven years, double dipping, subsidies and tax deductions and that double dipping stopped.
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>> neil: they double dipped to save you money. it was granted to them because they could do it more officially and cheaply than the government. you might be right but that was something done at the behest of democrats and republicans, right? >> it was a republican congress. and it was a republican president in 2003 that did it. i don't know how bipartisan the vote was. i wasn't there. >> neil: it was quite bipartisan but these warned about it. in july they said you do this, we just have to let you know, that's fine, you want to take the subsidy. we have to report it. when they did it and the bill became law, everyone's jumping ugly on them saying you're being political. they were just stating fact, right? >> i don't think. i'm a stockholder of boeing and at&t and i'm not selling. bowing is projected to make $65 billion. if they have to write off
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$120 millionst not going to affect boeing. they're going to do great and so it at&t. >> the writeoff -- >> stock market is almost 11,000. it portends the future. >> neil: now you believe in the stock market. when i had on one time, you were dismissing it. now it's doing well and it's a barometer. >> grandpa jake bought cash, and he did good. >> neil: the president is echoing a theme you just raised. >> if i didn't make an effort now to change to you we delivered healthcare, this country was going to go bankrupt. >> neil: without that healthcare move, we would have been in deep doo doo? >> the held care costs increased 8 to 10% a year. the only country in the world where that happens. most countries it's 2%. if that happened over and over, it would have bankrupt individuals where deductibles kept increasing and they
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couldn't get insurance. >> neil: why are so many not buying that? >> i think -- >> neil: they're the ones on the front lines, duke energy's c.e.o. said the new healthcare law, congressman, was passed in a father knows best fashion and will cost companies far more than they expect. this is the guys at the front line with the numbers, talking to his guys and he's saying there's this sort of we'll look after you, we know what's best attitude from government and he's saying not so. >> well, i would -- if you read the "wall street journal" yesterday there were several economists that you would see as reputable and they said the economy is moving, jobs are improving. healthcare stocks have gone up. hospital stocks went up well since the first of the year. >> neil: these companies are just crying wolf? >> well i think it will cost
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them a little bit of money but the country's going to be better off and the companies are going to be better off too. we're going to see a great, great economic boom in the next year. i see coming in 2012, i see the market at 12,000, 13,000 levels. >> neil: if goes down, you're not going to talk about the market? >> i'll talk about it. joseph and steve cohen, both say the market's going up. >> good having you. be well. >> thank you, happy easter. >> read the sign. if you voted for barack obama, go see someone else. what compelled a doctor to tape this to his office door? we're going to ask the doctor. later,. >> i don't worry about the constitution, to be honest. >> that's my right. >> jackpot, brother. >> oh. >> did the united states congressman just said he doesn't worry about the constitution when passing bills? the congressman won't come on, the guy behind the camera will.
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>> neil: what the doc? a florida urologist says if you voted for obama shall go elsewhere. what made him do it? that doctor, jack cassell joining me now. why did you do this. >> thank you for your interest. just for the i don't think you have a big head. >> neil: that's not your territory, is it? you're a little lower. >> no, it's not. >> neil: i kid. what made you do this? a lot of people in your profession are saying you're crossing serious lines here. >> right. well, i came across the timeline
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for implementation of obama care and i got discouraged web i got to next year. when i found that most of the ancillary services and nursing homes, diagnostic imaging faded away and my patients needed to know. the more i thought about at the angrier i got until i felt like i'm going to put a splash page on my front door and just get people thinking a little bit. >> neil: what have they said when they've seen this, doctor? >> 98% are energized. they can't believe the timeline. i started out trying to figure out how to educate my patients but every doctor in the united states needs to put this in their office. everybody needs to understand what's going on. i think people in congress need
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to read this. i'm not sure they know. >> neil: you might be well and good about that but some in your area are saying you -- you're crossing a sort of -- i don't know, hip accurateic line. william allen was telling the ap that there's a right to free speech and professional obligation, but it cannot cross over into refusing patients on the basis of race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, disability or political preference. what do you make of that? >> right. i don't. i have plenty of obama supporters in my patient base and we have a lot of political discussions. i'm not cutting anybody out of their care. i'm not refusing care on the basis of their political beliefs. >> neil: but i'm sorry, doctor, it says if you voted for obama,
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right? >> right. >> neil: that that would imply obama support is not welcome. >> that's right. it doesn't mean i'm not going to take care of them. >> neil: that's how i read it. you're saying that's not the case. >> i know. >> neil: you're just trying to create a fuss where there is none. if i came tout to you and said i voted for barack obama -- >> i would see you but before i saw you, i would hand you a two page timeline to see what you voted for or what obama supports. i just think that -- i hope that more and more obama supporters come through to find out what all the fuss is about. because i think we have to do something about this. >> neil: congressman, what do you think of doctors -- doctor, i'm sorry. thinking of congressman. who say look, just skip insurance, have your patients pay cash, they deal with the
4:18 pm
headaches, you deal with the patients? you talking to me? >> neil: yeah. >> just say it again, i'm sorry. >> neil: a lot of them say doctors say i don't want to deal with insurance or the hass. i'll just deal with my patients, they'll handle the insurance and all that. >> i mean that -- we -- we have to handle some stuff for the patients. obviously i mean we do certain -- we accept medicare assignments and file for people. so i'm not sure of your question. >> neil: actually, at this point, neither am i. seriously, doctor, very good having you. the head comment not withstanding. thank you. >> thank you very much. >> sorry about that confusion. congressmen, repeat after me, i pad, therefore i stop. i shall explain.
4:19 pm
>> where in the constitution does it give you the authority -- >> i don't know. >> that's what i thought. >> neil: the democratic congressman put on the constitutional hotspot. did he say he doesn't worry about the constitution when it comes to healthcare? the man with the mic next. the charcoal went out already? [ sighs ] forget it. [ male announcer ] there's more barbeque time in every bag of kingsford charcoal. kingsford. slow down and grill.
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>> the ipad hits stores in hours. apple is getting reorders to the tune of hundreds of thousands. people are lining up for something that goes out tomorrow morning. i worry about their lives but that's okay. today we learn the jobs market is picking up with people gearing up to plunk down at least 500 bucks for this ipad. is it time for the government to ramp down spending? this is not a cheap impulse item. our techno geek -- i was surprised to find that out.
4:23 pm
calculate to clayton morris, hot of "fox & friends" weekends. >> somebody trying to mug me in here with this device. >> neil: is this worth the hype? >> i think it is. there's all the question as to whether or not there's a device that fits between a laptop and a iphone or smart phone and your laptop. this is a device. if you want cass all reading on the couch, reading the internet, browsing facebook, checking emails. thisthis is the device for you. >> this thing weighs how much? >> a pound and a half. it's about a half inch thick, very, very thin, as you can see and it slices salsa. >> neil: we can't get that video. they can use video of us. pictures things seems cool. >> pictures are great. that is their photo application,
4:24 pm
you can -- it has all the albums, so -- >> neil: this isn't family stuff. >> no these are stock photographs random people. >> neil: you have the kindle here. that's what it's up against. i always argue, something has to be big to be transformedtive, it's -- transformative. it's got to make people's lives easier, better or different. >> that's apple's campaign. they see what's in the marketplace and they do it better. what you're seeing is the i bookstore. not only is it an e reader but it's a movie player, ipod. internet browsing device, a gaming device. occupy the kids, hand them the game and they'll leave you
4:25 pm
alone. i don't want to say -- we don't knee need gambles but it improves the quality. >> 95% of the reviews are good like avatar before the reveal. >> the people who touched it in january. >> that was you. >> about 300 of us got a chance to touch it. you have to touch it to experience it. having said that, neil e it's your turn. >> neil: i noticed the turn the page. >> you turn the page. >> neil: that's really cool. >> compared to your kindle the with the black and white. >> neil: y you have to turn it. >> once the touch the device and start seeing the capability. >> neil: it's heavier than this. >> it is heavier than this. you have to hit the gym and do weightlifting.
4:26 pm
>> neil: that's not necessary. i hear what you're saying. i wonder whether it ends up just can balancizing other apple products. >> that's not going to happen. steve jobs made the point and set that out at the beginning s there a device that fits between these products. if you have to type out a long script -- >> neil: this has a keyboard. >> you can get a keyboard dock and it has a virtual keyboard. if you have a 15-page paper to write, you want the device that allows the keyboard option to type out long tropical form con. >> neil: how would it happy you? >> i don't want to sit in bed with a laptop. i want to sit back, pick this up very quickly. processor is so fast. i want to jump on the internet, scan headlines, go to and see it on a beautiful screen. that's how it helps me.
4:27 pm
>> neil: you're away of everyone. you're a early pioneering geek. >> back in the day. >> clayton morris, bright and early in the morning, 7:00 a.m. >> up next, you have to see this. >> unbelievably clear the constitution doesn't matter to you. you just said it. >> if you're going to -- ask me the question again. >> neil: that seemed to go well. the question and the the question and the congressman's answer you justso. might not believe after this. low in fat and cholesterol, heart healthy levels of sodium, and taste you'll love. girl: this is good for my heart? chef: you noticed. [cheering] announcer: campbell's healthy request.
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i don't worry with the constitution. >> that's -- jackpot, brother. >> i care more about the people dying every day without healthcare you. >> care more about that than the constitution. >> i believe it says we have the right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. >> pursuit of happiness with people losing their jobs?
4:31 pm
>> it's clear it doesn't matter to you. it's unbelievably clear. >> you wouldn't know what doesn't matter to me. >> you just said is. >> what's the question again? >> where is the constitution does it give you the authority to -- i don't know. i don't know. >> that's what i thought. >> neil: you heard that. democratic congressman phil saying i don't worry about the constitution. he's not available to come on. the guy asking the tough questions joins us, adam is a member of the tea party. i think 60 minutes wants to call you. what do you make of that reaction that you got? it was typical. we knew the guys that voted for this bill don't care about the constitution but i was sprayed he actually -- surprised he actually said it. >> when you asked him to repeat it and emphasize it and clarify
4:32 pm
it, he essentially said i care for people living and dying or something like that more than that. what did you make of that response? >> it kind of made me angry. as you can hear in my voice where i say you care about that more than the constitution that you swore to uphold. i mean they have 18 enumerated powers and last i checked, healthcare wasn't one of them. i don't care what they think their responsibility is, it's not their place to mandate i purchase healthcare. >> neil: he could have said as others have said who had more time to think of it that what they're doing is not unconstitutional. no republican in the house or senate voted for t they claim the constitution is not an issue because they're not violating anything. obviously you don't agree with that. >> well, the commerce clause is what they usually use as an
4:33 pm
excuse. but numerous legal minds, including fox's andrew napolitano, says the commerce clause does not apply and the way they're using it is an abuse of the commerce clause, this is -- they didn't listen to their constituents beforehand and just decided that they were going to vote on something that is against the will of the people. and we're going to stand up and say that's not cool. >> neil: adam, how many people were in the room when you asked these questions? the chairs seemed empty. how many people were there? >> right about 100. i counted beforehand, 100 chairs. >> neil: when you questioned him, there were 100 people? >> during the town hall i he came in and gave a statement and talked about doughnut holes and 250-dollar checks and things the government was giving away and then took questions and there were about 100 people there.
4:34 pm
at the end when he got -- i asked him the constitutional question numerous times throughout the town hall and he danced around it. >> neil: when he danced around it, what he was he saying? >> he would say -- he would never give me any portion of the constitution that supported his claim and he would say i believe we have a responsibility to provide healthcare and kept saying life, liberty and pursuit of happiness which, i think, is the declaration of independence and not the constitution. a regular guy like myself a blue collar guy, i rearranged my work schedule to be here. >> neil: we're glad you did. are you going to do this again? are you going to follow him around? you might have a career here following these dudes. >> i -- i have a blog that i -- last april 15th with the new tea party thing, it really kicked me into high gear as far
4:35 pm
as political activism and i picked up a video camera and decided the guys that are tearing our constitution up and not listening to the will of the people, i'm going to hold their feet to the fire. i like to quote glen reynolds, insta pun. we are and army of davids and our video cameras are our slings and we're holding their feet to the fire. this is not acceptable. >> neil: you're off the congressman as christmas party guest list but you don't care . >> i don't. >> don't go perot. that's dan quayle's message. is he says j.d. hayworth is doing the same to republicans in arizona with his challenge to john mccain in 2010? time to ask the former congressman. j.d., what do you make of
4:36 pm
mr. quayle's warning? i think he's talking about guys like you. >> i have not heard from the vice president, always happy to visit with him. but i believe more what sarah palin says, even though she came out to came pan with jonathan jn mccain, she upholds it. she says it's for the good of the party. a i'm moving forward and dan's son, ben quayle, is ruck -- running for the how was representatives in a crowded primary. >> neil: indeed he is. what is your feeling, though, about this republicans dividing amongst themselves, that they sort of eat their own young and what's that you're doing? >> no, no. i think that's dis proven by the facts. i went through a five-way primary running for congress in 1994 and it made me a stronger
4:37 pm
congress. dan's son, ben quayle, part of a seven way primary. whomever emerges from that will be stronger. i believe i'll emerge from the republican primary and i'll be the stronger candidate to represent conservative values and win the u.s. senate seat. >> neil: you mention sarah palin and obviously her appearance with john mccain last week tended to buoy john mccain and not you. you may relate to her but the latest polls show the gap widening between you and john mccain, what do you make of that? >> it's interesting. i glad you brought up the polls. i've been talking to my pollsters and the poll released today, no methodology, no listing of how the questions were asked. i can appreciate the fact that mccain forces are upset and frantic. we came out of march having race add million dollars. our biggest days in terms of
4:38 pm
credit cards on the internet came during sarah palin's visit. >> neil: i know that, i guess what i'm saying -- but it doesn't appear that way because since her appearance with him, the gap has widened a little bit. >> no i don't believe so. i believe -- was it last night or two nights ago dick morris appeared on your network and says his analysis indicated we're within four points. the only polls that are going to count come on august 24th. >> neil: you don't think guys bloody each other -- you don't think you bloody each other and all of a sudden there's a -- as dan quayle said, the movement to potentially tea party and a republican party and going after very otherwise conservative senators like bennett and -- elsewhere who aren't conservative enough and that you hurt each other and let the democrat walk in. >> no, that's not the case at
4:39 pm
all. if that were the case, we'd never have primaries for president or the senate or for the house. it seems ben would have to follow dan's advice and pull out not to be divisive. primaries are the key to the party and i have every confidence we're going to prevail august 24th. we raised $1 million out of march thanks to conservatives from coast to coast. >> neil: about it you don't prevail, you'll back john mccain, you won't run as a tea party candidate or third party candidate? >> i've made it clear i'll back the republican. john has a choice, if you wants to run as an independent, he has to announce that quickly. under arizona law he can't lose the primary and then run. >> neil: okay. j.d. hayworth, thank you very much. >> thanks very much. speaking of all things tea party and protest, april 15th april 15th ear in atlanta, where one of the biggest log
4:40 pm
going on. we'll be in the middle of it at the state capital. some incredible guests to gauge whether folks are paying too much to the government and whether they're republican or democrat. in sacramento the rage was just being tapped. in atlanta, i feel a feeling it's full throttle. >> if you're got fight it, don't half ass it. there are engines... and then there's the twin-turbocharging, 365-horsepower-generating, ecoboost engine in the taurus sho from ford. that has the thirst of a v6 with the thrust of a v8. the most innovative full- size sedan in america: the taurus sho, from ford. drive one.
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>> neil: don't negotiated it, chip away at it or just live with it. some top republicans are call to go fix parts of the healthcare law and the next guest want to repeal all of it. steven king, republican for iowa. no tinkering. >> i want it thrown out. it's an affront to our little
4:44 pm
bit and freedom. the constitution and the budget and any way you measure it. i called it a toxic stew weeks ago. and a toxic stew, you can't separate it and take a teaspoon. now it's a tumor or cancer and you can't take a tumor partway out. that's the price of getting rid of something that's a cancer on america's spirit you. >> realize it's an uphill battle, involving republicans taking control of the house and senate. and then rolling the dice for taking the white house from barack obama in 2012. a uphill battle, right? >> we've got to put the marker down and lay it down to give people a reason to be inspired, something to look for that will cause us to be together. there's no reason every
4:45 pm
republican can't join the 40 cosponsors on repeal. i sequence is this, lay a dis charge petition down at the well of the house of representatives, let the republicans press to sign the discharge. jim demint is helping in the senate. if we get a discharge petition up and get 218 signatures, i would hate to be the democrat voting. no the sequence is if we can do that, i understand it's very difficult but the president would veto it and we would have to come back for an election and then in 2012, we have a chance. >> thank you. >> a small tax on soda isn't stopping children from buying the drink. a study is out and the tougher you make it to buy, the tougher you make it for kids to get fat. carey is the author of the 02
4:46 pm
diet. the tax raising it to the degree it has hasn't done the trick. then what? >> it has in the lowest economic bracket. its reduced the numbers drank. >> how do you know? >> a tax was not majoritying of people. it deterred people. if we're aggressive about the tax, there's a possibility children will reduce the amount of soda they're drinking. children that drink one soda a day, which is the majority out there, increase the risk for obesity 60%. we know that -- >> neil: can we, with tax policy, negate behavior? and is that the government's job to do that? >> if it deters people it's fair for the government to be involved. it's not like choosing one -- >> neil: there's still hardcore
4:47 pm
soda drinkers like smokers. >> exactly. but if we're aggressive and is deters a certain percent of people we're doing something to reduce obesity. it affects over 60% of the people in our country. >> neil: where do you draw the line? today soda, maybe snack foods next. maybe celery. >> i don't think celery. specific canneddies and indulgencing would be too far but soda is universal. the majority are drinking at least one a day. people -- >> neil: what if they drop that evil for cupcakes. >> hopefully they wouldn't go that direction and replace soda with water. 7 to 10% of calories come from sewed d.a. da. it's a universal beverage.
4:48 pm
>> i wish you were fat soiled have more as it fat so i would have more to argue. >> the president is slamming doomsday critics. he says they just don't get t dozen does he? >> he looked in the sky to see if asteroids were coming. i looked at the ground to see it cracks opened up in the earth. nature knows just how much water vegetables need. so, to turn those vegetables into campbell's condensed soup, we don't boil it down, our chefs just add less water from the start. ♪ so many, many reasons ♪ it's so m'm! m'm! good! ♪ it's like hardwiring the market right into my desktop. launch my watchlist -- a popping stock catches my eye.
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>> neil: did you see this? >> john boehner called the passage of this bill -- we don't need to boo. he called the pages of this bill armageddon. others said this is the end of freedom as we know it. so after i signed the bill, i
4:52 pm
looked around. i looked up at the sky to see if asteroids were coming. i looked at the ground to see if cracks opened up in the earth. you know what? it turned out it was a pretty nice day. >> neil: the president joking about critics slamming the healthcare plan but is that what john boehner was saying? >> we're about 24 hours from armageddon. 24 hours from -- from members casting a vote on one of the biggest bills we'll ever vote for in our careers. >> neil: he went on to say we were leading to a bigger government, intrusive government and taxes that would be the equivalent to bureaucratic armageddon and you say the president missed that point. >> i'm not sure he miss that had point. can you imagine if the cigarette
4:53 pm
companies took the same line of reasoning? have a high school track star smoke a cigarette, win the race and say cigarettes helped you win the race. here's the president, who is pushing global warming and they're saying buckle down because it's going to get 100 degrees hotter in the next 100 years. that's armageddon. >> that's a got a point, putting off -- that's good. so obviously there's a strategy to this. people are looking around saying, all right, with he thought there was going to be hell-bent disaster and you're saying how it rolls out -- >> the seeds are planted. a lot of people are becoming aware of this. we see what's going to happen with medicare, with social security. we know that this country as debt and deficits all of this world and most people understand it because they saw it in their
4:54 pm
households. the seeds have been planted and that was boehner's point. >> to the president's point the fears are overblown and americans will realize, certainly come november, that the end of the world has not come. >> the end of the world won't be here by november. >> neil: can you time it? >> 2012? >> that was a all of movie. >> that was a hideous movie. did you get a discount on the tickets? >> neil: we're in the clear on that one. so when? >> almost everybody watching this show, in their lifetime. pinpointing it is hard. knowing it's going to happen is not hard. its easy year to explain and understand than global warming. >> neil: thanks, have a happy easter. >> the speaker and the easter bun y the connection, next. 0 0?
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
4:57 pm
>> i'm not saying the easter bunny should be worried but he should look over his shoulder, someone else is handing out goodies and no offense he's hopping all over you, ed, and beat you to the goodies and with the goody, and beat you spending for the goodies, and a lot more goodies, than that and not just once a year.
4:58 pm
try darned near every day of the year, yep, hate to break it to you, furball, these guys are having a furball at your expense, gals, guys, because you are up against a briar rabbit here, i'm talking a whole patch, hundreds of them in congress, at the white house, breeding goody baskets like rabbits and they are doing it not with their money, but the very folks to whom they are giving the baskets money and imagine that: they are digging in someone else's rabbit hole. and let me tell you, it is a pretty deep hole, and the deepest anyone has seen in these parts ever, to fill the biggest goody baskets ever. so forget jelly beans and colored eggs, these guys are talking highway projects and full medical care and oh, yeah, they say there is plenty for, where that came from and bridges, roads, jobs, programs, benefits, credits for homebuyers and incentives for car buyers, and more college loans without
4:59 pm
the fuss and more mortgage forgiveness programs without the hassles, all carrots, and no sticks and at least not any they are showing now and big stuff. makes your piddling basket look like kids stuff, doesn't it? i hate to break it to you, i think you just could be stuffed, because these guys mean business not only one day a year, they are in it for keeps every day and i know, this is hardly the news, to make your reeces peanut butter cup runneth over, i'm saying, be careful, because these guys are about to run you over. still stop by my house, though, with whatever you have... all right, that will do it here, i will see you one hour from now on fox business network and one of the republicans on the committee that will grill all of these ceos, he cannot believe, they have been hauled to washington to testify, michael burress anpr


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